We present the most outstanding projects in which CREA has participated, facilitating access to funding and the success of the project.

background of Project

At CREA, we have been supporting the creative and cultural sector of the country since 2006, growing and evolving alongside it. The result of this collaboration is reflected in the numerous projects in which we have participated.

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What are they for and what benefits do they offer OUR GUARANTEES

THAT THE BANK WILL LEND YOU MONEY With our guarantee, the banks grant the loans since we are the ones who act as sole guarantors of the operation.

SUBMIT IT TO THE ADMINISTRATION The law of contracting with the Public Administration contemplates our guarantee as one of the possibilities for the presentation of the required guarantees.

GETTING BETTER CONDITIONS The operations guaranteed by us get the banks to offer the financial conditions they grant to their best clients since the risk of non-payment disappears.

imagen de Audiovisual sombra de Audiovisual


Sector Audiovisual

For SMEs and self-employed professionals working in any area of the audiovisual sector (production, post-production, distribution, exhibition, auxiliary activities, etc.)

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imagen de Cultural Industry sombra de Cultural Industry


Sector Cultural Industry

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and self-employed individuals operating in any area of the cultural and creative industries, such as Music, Performing Arts, Digital Creation and Video Games, and Other Cultural and Creative Industries (publishing, photography, visual arts, cultural tourism, museums, etc.).

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imagen de Sports sombra de Sports


Sector Sports

For sports federations, clubs, or sports entities that can benefit from our agreements with ADESP, Proliga, and RFFM (Royal Football Federation of Madrid) for the advancement of grants and sponsorships.

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imagen de Game and entertainment sombra de Game and entertainment


Sector Game and entertainment

For SMEs and self-employed in the game and entertainment sector who want to develop any activity related to the sector.
We facilitate guarantees before the Autonomous Communities.

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Our objective is to offer you the financial tools that allow you to undertake your project's financing. To achieve this, we always strive to tailor financial products that adapt to the specific needs of these sectors.. To achieve this, we always strive to tailor financial products that adapt to the specific needs of the sector.

We currently offer you guarantees that will allow you to access financing in the following sectors. If your project does not fit into these categories but has a cultural or creative basis, you can also access our products.


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