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According to recent data from the report ""Thermometer of the Sports Ecosystem in Spain"" - a collaboration between PwC and the España Activa Foundation - the sports industry is a major contributor to the Spanish economy, representing 3.3% of GDP and generating over 400,000 jobs (2.1% of employment).
The report of the Central Directory of Companies (DIRCE), shows a growing trend in the industry, with over 40,000 companies involved in sports-related activities in early 2021. These companies span a variety of sectors, with 79.4% engaged in activities such as facility management, sports club operations, and gymnasiums. 12.6% of companies sell sporting goods in specialized stores, 7.3% offer sports and recreational education, and 0.7% manufacture sports products.
The majority of companies (41.9%) have no employees, followed by small companies with 1 to 5 workers (44.9%), mid-sized companies with 6 to 49 employees (12%), and large companies with 50 or more employees (1.1%).
Geographically, more than h


We currently offer guarantees subject to the following agreements. To qualify for this financing, clubs must have at least one employee or be in the process of hiring personnel.

imagen de ADESP Agreement sombra de ADESP Agreement


ADESP Agreement

for partner sports federations at national level.

imagen de following agreements sombra de following agreements


following agreements

To qualify for this financing, clubs must have at least one employee or be in the process of hiring personnel.

imagen de ADESP Agreement sombra de ADESP Agreement


ADESP Agreement

This innovative collaboration agreement will allow Clubs to obtain financing for the advancement of subsidies, sponsorship agreements, or loans for investments and facility improvements.

Sport guarantees

Check out our help is designed to to apply for the guarantee online

FINANCING FOR SPORTS FEDERATIONS - CSD From 20,000€ Up to 2,000,000€

Adelanto subvenciones CSD. RELLENA IMPORTE Y PLAZO

  • Amount from 20,000€ Up to 2,000,000€
  • Term from 12 months up to 48 months


Préstamo destinado a CLUBES que tengan subvención, patrocinio u otros ingresos que justifiquen la capacidad de devolución. RELLENA IMPORTE Y PLAZO

  • Amount from 30,000€ Up to 200,000€
  • Term from 24 months up to 60 months

PROLIGA FINANCING From 30,000€ Up to 500,000€

Préstamo destinado a CLUBES que tengan subvención, patrocinio u otros ingresos que justifiquen la capacidad de devolución. RELLENA IMPORTE Y PLAZO

  • Amount from 30,000€ Up to 500,000€
  • Term from 24 months up to 60 months

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Register on our online platform and you will be able to apply for the guarantee and process related subsidies. Whether you are an entrepreneur, self-employed individual, company, or work in a financial institution, you can manage all the steps of the guarantee, from application to approval, quickly and easily. Access the platform now and sign up as a user.

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We help and advise you throughout the whole process


Apply for the Guarantee

If you have already explored our website and reviewed our guide, you are now ready to access the 'Apply for your guarantee' section and complete the necessary documentation. Additionally, feel free to call us for an initial consultation.


Pre-feasibility analysis

If your application meets the requirements, we will proceed with validating the documentation. In the event that CREA is unable to finance your operation, we will promptly contact you to discuss alternative options


Feasibility study

The risk department will carefully review your application and may request additional information to facilitate its approval


Process the operation

After CREA approves the financing, our formalization department will reach out to the most suitable bank. Once all the necessary preparations are in place, we will notify you to schedule the signing at the notary's office

  • Sector
  • SME size (being a small or medium-sized company): self-employed, Ltd., Inc., association, foundation, etc.
  • No payment incidences in official registries (Tax Authorities, Social Security, Cirbe, Asnef, etc.)
  • Have at least one worker (or be self-employed)

¿You still have any doubts?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it necessary to be a company in order to request a guarantee from CREA SGR?

  • No, CREA can provide guarantees to self-employed individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but it does not offer guarantees to individuals.

Is it possible to apply for a guarantee from CREA SGR in any sector?

  • No, CREA is the only Spanish Mutual Guarantee Society that exclusively operates within specific sectors, which include the audiovisual, cultural and creative, sports, and gaming and entertainment industries.

Is it required to be a partner of CREA SGR to obtain their guarantee?

  • Yes, it is a prerequisite, as this is what the mutual guarantee is all about, to help each other by integrating a common fund that facilitates obtaining financing. But don't worry, you won't have to pay any amount until you have formalized the guarantee with the bank.

    The amount will be 0.5% of the formalized amount, rounded to multiples of 60€ (the nominal value of the social shares).

    This capital is refundable at the expiry of the operation, at which time you can choose to request a refund or remain a Partner of CREA. If you decide to remain a partner, you will continue to receive our advice and information. and you will help this instrument to become stronger .

What documentation is required to be provided?

  • We will request information regarding the project or activity you intend to undertake, as well as fiscal and legal documentation

    you can find the required documentation in the products of each sector.

How do I apply?

  • You must apply online. Our guide is designed to assist you throughout the process.

    Don't worry, for any questions you can contact us through our phone number 915123048 and we will guide you during the entire application process.

What are the CREA SGR's costs?

  • This financing has costs from CREA and costs from the banking institution.

    The CREA's costs are (1):

    • 0,5% Study Commission
    • 1% Annual guarantee commission (2)
    • 0,5% Social shares (refundable upon completion of the operation)

    (1) As long as the operation complies with CREA SGR's risk standard..
    (2) Subsidized cost during the first year for operations in the audiovisual and cultural industry sectors, subject to nominative approval by the Subdirectorate General of Cultural Industries of the Ministry of Culture and availability of funds.

When do I go to the bank, before or after obtaining the guarantee from CREA SGR?

  • You should directly approach CREA to analyze your project and obtain the guarantee. We will take care of all the banking procedures on your behalf.

If you have a project and you need financing at the best market conditions, apply for your guarantee

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