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Our objective is to secure and enhance the financing for your project by providing guarantees to financial institutions

CREA is a private financial entity supervised by the Bank of Spain, resulting from a successful public-private collaboration (Ministry of Culture-EGEDA).

Established in 2005 to address a financing need in the audiovisual sector, as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) faced significant difficulties in obtaining loans for their projects. CREA solved this issue by assuming the risk.

In 2014, Spain saw a period of mergers among Mutual Guarantee Societies (SGRs), in which CREA participated. Currently, there are 18 regional SGRs, with CREA being the only one at a sectorial and national level. We continue to advocate for specialization as a guarantee of success.

In 2017, the European Union launched a specific program to facilitate access to financing for cultural and creative SMEs. This program was funded by Creative Europe and implemented by the EIF (European Investment Fund) through financial entities in different countries. In Spain, CREA played a primary role in putting it into practice, committing to expanding its scope to all sectors within culture. And so it did, becoming the first at a European level.

It is during challenging periods that CREA demonstrates its proximity and knowledge of the sector, seeking institutional support to offer more and better solutions according to the needs of each moment.

We grow, and we grow well... while caring for our core activity, which remains the audiovisual sector, as we continue to learn about our other developing areas (music, performing arts, other cultural and creative industries, and sports).

We help

How we help you

We advise you throughout the entire process to help you obtain financing for your project.


We get the best financing for your project with the maximum guarantees for the banks

By having agreements with the country's leading banking institutions, we secure the best financing conditions for you while ensuring maximum guarantee.


We improve your negotiating capacity by getting you the best conditions and reducing your financial cost.

By guaranteeing operations, we ensure that banks offer the same financial conditions they provide to their top clients, as the risk of default is eliminated.


We make it easier for you to comply with the law on contracting with the public administration.

Our guarantee is recognized by the public procurement law as one of the acceptable options for fulfilling the required guarantee submission


We offer you specialised advice

As the only exclusive mutual guarantee society in your sector, we possess a deep understanding and expertise that enables us to analyze your project meticulously, step by step.

To secure and enhance the financing for your project by providing guarantees to financial institutions is Our goal

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