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background of the Gambling and Leisure Sector

Guarantees for game and entertainment companies

The game and entertainment sector represents 3.0% of Spain's GDP, measured in terms of amounts wagered, employing over 85,000 people directly and another 175,000 indirectly. The gaming industry contributes over 1.7 billion euros to public coffers, but above all, it advocates for the recreational nature of its activities as another way to enjoy game and entertainment time.

With over 25 years of experience providing guarantees to gaming companies, we are currently able to offer any type of guarantee related to the development of gaming activities, primarily technical guarantees to the Regulatory Bodies responsible for this industry, whether at the regional level or at the national level.


Categories Gaming and entertainment


Arcade machines have become one of the star attractions in leisure areas, bars, and the hospitality industry worldwide. We help you obtain your guarantees to register as an operator company for this type of machines.

Collective Gaming Establishments

Gaming Halls, Bingo halls, and Casinos represent the best venues for entertainment where people can share recreational experiences and interact with others. The opening of such establishments requires the presentation of guarantees, which CREA SGR can provide.

Online Gambling

Since its regulation in Spain in 2013, online gambling has experienced the highest growth among all gambling modalities. Like any other activity, the requirement of guarantees, both at the national and regional level, is an essential requirement to start this type of gaming, and CREA SGR can help you obtain them.

Manufacturers and Distributors

The technical industry in the Gaming Sector represents one of the most cutting-edge activities in terms of technological development and the search for new forms of gaming. Being a highly regulated sector, both manufacturers and distributors of gaming equipment require the presentation of guarantees to the regulatory bodies.

Avales del Sector del Juego y Ocio

Check out our help is designed to to apply for the guarantee online

GAMING GUARANTEES From 20,000€ Up to 2,000,000€

Aval relacionado con fianzas juego. RELLENA IMPORTE

  • Amount from 20,000€ Up to 2,000,000€


Financiación destinada al sector del Juego. CREA estudiará una financiación adaptada a las necesidades financieras de cada caso individual. RELLENA IMPORTE Y PLAZO.

  • Amount from 20,000€ Up to 2,000,000€
  • Term from 12 months up to 60 months

The sector is professional and compliant

CREA SGR takes the first step with entrepreneurs to start their business or to make their companies sustainable and open up future opportunities. The work of CREA SGR and its team has been essential for our sector, as well as for many other participants in its development, for many years.

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We help and advise you throughout the whole process


Apply for the Guarantee

If you have already explored our website and reviewed our guide, you are now ready to access the 'Apply for your guarantee' section and complete the necessary documentation. Additionally, feel free to call us for an initial consultation.


Pre-feasibility analysis

If your application meets the requirements*, we will proceed to validate the documentation. If, on the other hand, CREA is unable to provide you with the guarantee, we will contact you to discuss it.


Feasibility study

The risk department will carefully review your application and may request additional information to facilitate its approval


Process the operation

After CREA approves the financing, our formalization department will reach out to the most suitable bank. Once all the necessary preparations are in place, we will notify you to schedule the signing at the notary's office

  • Sector
  • No outstanding payment issues in official records (Tax Agency, Social Security, CIRBE, ASNEF, etc.)
  • Have at least one employee (or be self-employed)

The Game and Entertainment sector was one of the hardest hit during the pandemic, and even in 2022, it has not fully recovered. Despite this, CREA SGR has continued to support the sector during the most challenging times. In the fiscal year of 2021, a total of 63 new projects were guaranteed by CREA SGR, amounting to 3.3 million euros, benefiting 44 small and medium-sized enterprises.

By the end of 2021, the companies supported by CREA SGR in the sector maintained approximately 5,900 jobs, once again contributing to their preservation.

CREA SGR has accumulated a total of 574 guaranteed companies, with 82% of them being companies with fewer than 10 employees. The total amount guaranteed by CREA SGR amounts to 60 million euros.

Success Stories

Salón de Juegos BAGAR S.L.
Kijosa S.L.

Do you still have any doubts?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it necessary to be a company in order to request a guarantee from CREA SGR?

  • No, CREA can provide guarantees to self-employed individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but it does not offer guarantees to individuals.

Is it possible to apply for a guarantee from CREA SGR in any sector?

  • No, CREA is the only Spanish Mutual Guarantee Society that exclusively operates within specific sectors, which include the audiovisual, cultural and creative, sports, and gaming and entertainment industries.

Is it required to be a partner of CREA SGR to obtain their guarantee?

  • Yes, it is an essential requirement as it is the essence of mutual guarantee, <strong>to help each other by integrating a common fund that facilitates obtaining guarantees.. But don't worry, you won't have to pay any amount until the formalization date is confirmed.

    The amount will be 0.5% of the formalized amount, rounded to multiples of 60€ (the nominal value of the social shares).

    That capital is refundable upon maturity of the operation, at which point you can choose to request a refund or continue as a member of CREA. If you decide to remain a member of CREA, you will continue to receive our advice and information, <strong>and you will contribute to making this instrument stronger.</strong>

What documentation is required to be provided?

  • We will request information regarding the project or activity you intend to undertake, as well as fiscal and legal documentation

    you can find the required documentation in the products of each sector.

How do I apply?

  • You must apply online. Our guide is designed to assist you throughout the process.

    Don't worry, for any questions you can contact us through our phone number 915123048 and we will guide you during the entire application process.

What are the CREA SGR's costs?

  • The approximate costs of the guarantee are:
    • 0,5% Study Commission
    • 1% Annual guarantee commission
    • 0,5% Membership fee: 0,5% (refundable at the end of the operation)

When do I go to the bank, before or after obtaining the guarantee from CREA SGR?

  • If you need a loan with a guarantee instead of just a guarantee, you should directly approach CREA for us to analyze your project. We will take care of all the banking procedures for you.

If you have a project and you need financing at the best market conditions, apply for your guarantee

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