CREA SGR is a Reciprocal Guarantee Society whose main activity is to grant personal guarantees in favor of its participating members for the operations they carry out within the companies they own, allowing them to strengthen their financial situation. In this way, their access to the financial market will be facilitated, improving the cost and term conditions they would obtain without these guarantees. In addition, CREA provides assistance and advice services to companies in the sector.

The main objective of CREA is to become an essential financing tool for companies in the audiovisual, cultural, digital content, leisure, entertainment, and tourism sectors, as well as in the cultural or leisure content sector in general. This is achieved not only by providing the necessary guarantees to access financing markets under the best conditions but also by accompanying, advising, and supporting companies throughout the process, never neglecting the importance of its quality.

To this end, CREA SGR has established a Quality Management System based on the requirements of the International Standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, and a well-defined Quality Policy that all staff members commit to.

Furthermore, CREA SGR adopts the philosophy of pursuing maximum quality to achieve the satisfaction of its members. Therefore, it considers that good coordination and internal management of the Society with the collaboration of all its employees are necessary.

What are our objectives?

Following the guidelines of its Quality Management System, CREA SGR intends to achieve the following objectives:

romoting uniformity of working methods

The Management System Procedures will be maintained, integrating the principles of quality into its management and service development.

Efficiently manage all your processes

In addition to the risks and opportunities derived from them, in order to continuously improve its procedures and services.

Compliance with applicable regulations and legislation

Complying with the requirements applicable to the services provided by the Entity, as well as with other requirements specified by the members or other interested parties, and those not established by them but necessary for the provision of the Entity's services.

Recognizing the importance of employee participation, information, and training.

To achieve the established strategic objectives in this policy, involving them through the contribution of suggestions and teamwork.

To promote among the staff of Audiovisual Fianzas SGR (CREA SGR) a commitment to responsibility in carrying out their activities.

In accordance with the established and agreed quality requirements with the members, in any activity carried out and in all decisions made.

To improve the satisfaction of the different stakeholders in our activity.

Identifying their needs and expectations and taking actions to understand and improve their perception with the service provided.

Maintain ongoing dialogue with our partners and suppliers.

In order to obtain the necessary training and motivation for the continuous improvement of our processes and services, as well as to obtain the same commitment to continuous improvement from our suppliers.

Evaluate your suppliers based on criteria consistent with the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Based on the quality of the supplied product or service, compliance with deadlines, delivered documentation, the reliability of its personnel, and its responsiveness.

Furthermore, the Management of Audiovisual Fianzas SGR (CREA SGR) is committed to allocating all necessary resources, both human and material, to achieve greater efficiency and quality of the service provided by the Society.

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