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Privacy Policy

In Europe and Spain, there are data protection regulations designed to protect your personal information, which our organization is obliged to comply with.

Therefore, it is very important for us that you understand perfectly what we will do with the personal data we ask for.

Thus, we will be transparent and give you control over your data, with simple language and clear options that will allow you to decide what we will do with your personal information.

Please, if you have any questions after reading this information, do not hesitate to ask us.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

About us

  • Owner: Audiovisual Fianzas Sociedad de Garantía Recíproca.
  • C.I.F.: V-84550359
  • Our main activity is: Granting personal guarantees in favor of participating members for the operations they carry out within the companies they own.
  • Our address: C/ Luís Buñuel, 2. 2º. Ciudad de la Imagen. Pozuelo de Alarcón. 28223, Madrid. (España)
  • Our contact phone number is: 915 123 048
  • Our contact email is:
  • Our website is:
  • For your confidence and security, we inform you that we are a financial entity subject to the supervision of the Bank of Spain, registered in the corresponding special administrative register maintained by the Bank of Spain with the number 9848 and in the Mercantile Register of Madrid, volume 22,131, page 128, sheet M-394807.

We are at your disposal. Please feel free to contact us.

What is the purpose of processing your personal data?

AUDIOVISUAL FIANZAS, S.G.R. will process all personal data that you provide us through our pages for the following purposes:

a) Execute the contract or apply the corresponding pre-contractual measures

We will process your data with the purpose of evaluating and managing the operations that you request or contract with us.

b) Comply with legal obligations:

We will also process your data to fulfill any legal obligations. In particular:

  • Law 44/2002, of November 22nd, on Financial System Reform Measures.
  • Law 10/2014 on the Organization, Supervision, and Solvency of Credit Institutions.
  • Law 10/2010 on the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism.
  • Law 3/2018 on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights.
  • Data communications to the Risk Information Center of the Bank of Spain (CIRBE).

c) Legitimate interest

Other processing of your personal data may also be carried out that does not arise from the need to execute a contract or comply with a legal obligation.

  • Communication to solvency and credit files and consultation of such files.
  • Consultation of your data in the Central Credit Register of the Bank of Spain (CIRBE).
  • Consultation of denied requests for future applications.
  • For statistical purposes.
  • Commercial shipments of own products similar to those contracted.

d) Consent

We will request your consent for:

  • to properly manage the website.
  • to provide answers to your questions.
  • Surveys, information, or advertising offers about products, services, collaboration agreements, special promotions, related to the Financial Sector and Guarantees.

e) Public interest

In case of using the ethical channel (Internal Information Channel), we will process the data for the investigation of possible irregularities reported.

For how long do we process your personal data?

The personal data provided will be kept as long as the contractual relationship is maintained and its deletion is not requested in compliance with current legislation. Once it has ended, the data will be kept for a period of 10 years to comply with the obligations established in Law 10/2010 on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

Similarly, the data from denied applications of potential clients may be processed for six months, with the purpose of using said data for the processing of future applications and to avoid duplication of formalities. Subsequently, it will also be properly blocked while the obligations related to compliance with data protection regulations (3 years) do not expire. Once these periods have been fulfilled, the data will be deleted.

Are data profiling or automated decision-making processes performed?

For legitimate interest, we create profiles to make the decision to evaluate the requested operation, where the financial capacity of the parties involved will be considered, as well as any debts that may appear in common delinquency files, risk indicators, and data from public registers. Automated decisions can be made based on this profile, and you may request at any time that these decisions be manually reviewed.

Similarly, we create profiles to provide personalized offers of financial and insurance products and services. No automated decisions will be made based on such profiles that could have legal consequences.

What recipients will your data be transferred to?

The data from the transactions may be transferred to:

  • CERSA (Compañía Española de Re-afianzamiento S.A.) with the purpose of carrying out the re-guarantee of the arranged guarantees. This assignment is necessary to obtain such re-guarantee, in compliance with the contract between the S.G.R. and CERSA.
  • CERSA as the Coordinator of the contract signed between the European Investment Fund (EIF), Audiovisual Fianzas, S.G.R. and the Compañía Española de Reafianzamiento SME S.A., in operations that benefit from the support of the InvestEu Fund program, as well as to the EIF to comply with the legal obligations arising from the contracts signed by Audiovisual Fianzas S.G.R., which, as an intermediary, signs with the latter entity.
  • The financial entities involved in those operations where the participation of such an entity is necessary for the formalization of the arranged guarantee (guarantees of loan operations, credit, or any other of a financial nature).
  • Files related to the compliance with monetary obligations in case of non-payment of the agreed terms (BADEXCUG file from EXPERIAN and/or ASNEF from Equifax).
  • The Credit Risk Information Center of the Bank of Spain (C.I.R.B.E.) due to the existing obligation to report the necessary data to identify individuals with whom they have, directly or indirectly, credit risks, as well as the characteristics of these individuals and risks, including, in particular, those that affect the amount and recoverability of these risks.
  • And where applicable, to the Madrid City Council/Community of Madrid/Basque Government/Cabildo of Gran Canaria/Ministry of Culture for the purpose of carrying out the re-guarantee of the arranged guarantees. This assignment is necessary to obtain such re-guarantee, which may or may not be complementary to the one mentioned above, and always in compliance with the Collaboration Agreement signed between the S.G.R. and the aforementioned entity and/or the regulations governing the relationships between Audiovisual Fianzas, SGR, and the corresponding entity.

What are your rights when you provide us with your data?

You have the right to exercise your rights of access, rectification, erasure, restriction, portability, and objection by contacting Audiovisual Fianzas, S.G.R., at C/ Luis Buñuel nº 2, 2º CIUDAD DE LA IMAGEN, Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), or by email at If you believe that we have not processed your personal data in accordance with the regulations, you can contact our data protection officer at In any case, you have the right to file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (

We inform you that, in cases where it is necessary to include personal data of individuals other than the person providing them, you are obligated to inform them, prior to their inclusion, about the communication of their data, as well as that you are responsible for the accuracy of the data provided and for keeping it up to date.


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Principle of legality, fairness and transparency Consent will always be required for the processing of personal data for each specific purpose, always providing clear and transparent information.
Data minimisation principle Only strictly necessary data will be requested in relation to third parties for the purposes for which they are required, with an effort to minimize their quantity.
Principle of limitation of the conservation period Data will be retained no longer than necessary for the purposes of the processing, depending on the purpose, and informing about the corresponding retention period. If there are subscriptions or newsletters, the records will be periodically reviewed, eliminating outdated and inactive ones after a set period of time.
Principle of integrity and confidentiality: Data will be processed in such a way as to ensure adequate security of personal data and guarantee confidentiality. All necessary precautions will be taken to prevent unauthorized access or misuse of user data by third parties.
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